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‘GetReal’ Now – A New Re-Treat for Women

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<p>Megan MacArthur and Jane Sibbett, co-hosts of the Get Real — Re-Treat for Women.</p>

Megan MacArthur and Jane Sibbett, co-hosts of the Get Real — Re-Treat for Women.

<p>Megan MacArthur dances Nia on a beach.</p>

Megan MacArthur dances Nia on a beach.

<p>Relaxing on a beach.</p>

Relaxing on a beach.

The New Year has begun, bringing with it new opportunities to improve health, wellness, and an overall sense of well-being. Many people have resolved to make positive changes for this year, but no matter what goals have been set in motion, the truth remains: life is an endless “work-in-progress.”

Of course, it is important to remember that “now” is always the perfect time to be more authentic, more real, and more alive. One special way for women to awaken their highest selves is to begin this new year with the Get Real — Re-Treat for Women, hosted by Jane Sibbett and Megan MacArthur, from Jan. 11 to the 13, at the Sanctuary Hawaii, near Waimea.

“Now is the perfect time to highlight the core truth of our individual essence, our truest path, and show up in life as our most authentic selves,” said MacArthur, dancer, teacher, and co-creator of the Get Real Re-Treat. “This weekend’s retreat is based on accessing and clarifying this essence. How do you wish to live your life? What do you wish to create? How will you take action to do so? How are you presenting yourself in the world? Does it align with your truest, most authentic nature? Are you telling your truth? Are you living the real you?”

Co-creator of the Get Real Re-Treat, Sibbett, said, “The tragedy of these days for many women is that we simply don’t take the time to really treat ourselves as might best serve our joy batteries or our forward-moving needs and desires. We hope this inspires women to treat and treat and re-treat themselves into a more fulfilling way of being. Maybe we can all begin to enjoy the juicy fruits of who we are most especially now, here in Hawaii, on an island that is constantly recreating herself, in the space of a clean slate, new year.”

Through celebration, meditation, and movement, retreaters can fully embrace their creative potential and sense of empowerment.

“Throughout the day we’ll be dancing a blend of Nia with highlights of yoga, meditation, and always moving your body’s way with joy and pleasure, but there are no fitness or dance requirements,” said Sibbett. “We dive into conscious writing, expanded visioning, unfettered play, laughter shots, very serious sun, sand, and sea sensuality work, circle ceremonies celebrating the unfolding mystery of getting down to the core and up to the dream come true awakening, and more.”

The inspiration to create the Get Real Re-Treat came from Sibbett and MacArthur’s passion for living authentically.

“We want to create a place where women can be themselves without fear of judgment or expectation and take that moment to slow down and get to the core,” said MacArthur. “We move so fast in life and often may lose the core truth of who we are in the mix.”

“We are all works in progress, no one holding more or less than another, but all who come to an event like this realize it’s time for us all to step into our true power and talents,” Sibbett said. “The beauty of working in a circle of strength like this is that we intuitively and easily become an embrace of support for one another in transitional times, which can be tender.”

Retreaters can expect “a journey for their body, mind, emotions, and spirit in a safe a beautiful space with a rainbow of women,” according to MacArthur.

“The Sanctuary is a quiet and gently elegant space, with a simple and earthy feel,” MacArthur said. “It is real. It doesn’t pretend to be anything it is not and still it shows off how great it is; a beautiful, private home six miles out of Waimea with expansive views of the mountains, ocean and sky. ”

“Even as it sits steady on a volcano under a billion stars,” Sibbett said.

The two laugh together as only sisters would, expressing a connection that goes beyond lifetimes. Jane reminisces on how their friendship began: “We met online when I was looking to move here from California with my family five years ago and, even when we met on the phone, the connection was instantaneous and I knew that I could truly make such a radical move if I had someone like Megan as my friend.

“Within three months of our meeting, we went on our first retreat together and would often slip off to do our own version of what was being asked of us, as our body of wisdom from the work we’ve been doing for 20 years begged our own flavor. We dove into the mystical and creative world immediately and about a year later, I asked Megan to produce our world-trotting tour with me. Many of the elements of our survival on the road for three years under often stressful conditions begged this retreat to strip it all down and get back to who we are at our most essential, joyful core.”

With MacArthur’s many years of experience as a teacher of the Nia Technique (a martial arts, dance, and healing arts practice), along with a background in facilitating Trance Dance Rituals, and Jane’s 20 years of Women’s Circle work, together they have created spaces for people around the world to nurture their most sacred self.

“For the past three years we’ve been touring and helping hundreds of thousands in a miraculous international community,” said Sibbett. “We’ve helped them circle up and connect with dreams and their highest and best selves through the work of the healer Braco and we’ve picked up a few more tools along the way that we’d love to share.”

Without hesitation, after producing so many events on the mainland, Sibbett and MacArthur decided to create more intimate gatherings and truth-sharing circles here in Hawaii.

Since this will be their first ever Get Real Re-treat, they are very excited to share their passions and insights with the women of the Big Island community.

“I would love to see the women who join us on this journey access at least one thing,” MacArthur said. “A pearl of wisdom, an idea, a ‘light bulb’ awareness or ‘aha’ moment, or sensation that provides them with a greater sense of ease or empowerment for them to return to their ‘world’ more fully embodying who they truly are.”

“And then for the women to not just embody who they truly are, but to treat and re-treat their gifts to the world, too,” Sibbett said. “If we are all living with fuller awareness of not just our dissatisfactions with life, but what we truly can celebrate about that which makes us uniquely special, we can drive that forward more purposefully, utilizing our divine gifts and celebrating one another as fully realized beings.”

With the New Year moving forward full speed ahead, it is time to rise and shine. Join Sibbett and MacArthur for their Get Real –Re-Treat for Women beginning at 3 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 11, and ending at 9 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 13, at the Sanctuary Hawaii. Any women who desires to “Get Real” now, is welcome to register.

“We come from the school of spontaneous right timing,” Sibbett said. “I’d hazard to guess there are more than a few women reading this article who are saying right now, ‘I want to do this!’ and think it’s too late. Give us a call as soon as you feel the pull to join us.”

Don’t hesitate; the time is now.

For more information or to register, contact MacArthur at (808) 895-5748, email or visit Cost for the retreat is $550, which includes healthy breakfasts and lunches; accommodation suggestions and travel recommendations are available. Cash, good checks, and credit cards accepted until midnight Thursday, Jan. 10.