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Dressing up your Hawaiian Home for the Holidays

Holiday decorating has its traditions; here in Hawaii there are unique choices due to our climate and cultural diversity. Live Christmas Trees grown on the Island are not your typical Fir, Pine, or Spruce. They are a distant relative of the temperate zone conifers, native to a small Island East of Australia and North of New Zealand. The Norfolk Island Pine has become a very popular living Christmas Tree.

The ubiquitous Poinsettia, long considered a holiday standard for Christmas, is native to tropical Mexico and Central America. Popularized by the Ecke Family who specialized in selling starter plants, these plants are shipped to growers all over the world and finished in local nurseries for each market. Once limited to red blooms there are many variations from rosy pink to yellow, creamy white to speckle and splash patterns. They are easy care plants, but can be over-watered, so watch the plant. It will tell you when it is thirsty because the posture of the leaves will droop as water pressure inside the plant decreases, and the pot will feel lighter when you lift it.

Some more Hawaiian innovations on holiday decorating include small potted Ti plant varieties in festive reds and greens, and Anthuriums in similar holiday colors, can also add a “local flair” to your Hawaiian home.

As you run off to visit friends and family for holiday celebrations, a host/hostess gift of live plants (herb bowls, color bowls, house plants) is a nice touch that they will enjoy long after the festivities are over.

People have come away from the nursery with some unusual “Christmas Trees” over the years fruit trees, palms, sculpted rosemary. Each family has their own unique traditions and these evolve over time and are passed along to future generations, a remnant of generations passed, symbolic of their presence during the holiday season. It is part of the connection of ‘ohana that keeps us close and connects us.

So try some new ideas this season, involve your children in the discussion. Personalize your celebrations with live plants, flowers, and unique ideas. Come by the nursery and we’ll be happy to help!

Happy Holidays from Rozett’s Nursery!