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Add some local flair to your holidays at One Gallery

The importance of thinking and buying locally is often promoted for the support it lends to communities, small businesses and farms. As the holiday season approaches, it is an opportune time to put “Thinking Local” into personal practice. We all like to give gifts that are thoughtful, unique, and inspired. Gifts that are budget-conscious, yet savvy and say something extra special.

One Gallery, in downtown Hilo, is an Artist’s Collective featuring the work of over 50 local artists. Open daily, you can meet any number of artists coming and going throughout the day. Not only can you view their creations first hand but, possibly share a brief word on technique and artistic inspiration.

For the buyer, one of the strongest features of One Gallery is that we offer fine local art at the lowest possible prices. One Gallery is owned and staffed by the artists, thus lowering the overhead. Those savings transfer straight to the customers. One Gallery’s Artist Collective includes Arthur Johnsen, best known for his colorful and textural paintings of Puna’s memorable Red Road. Brilliant spatters enrich the conceptual paintings of artist David Hubbard. Traditional plein air paintings by world-renowned scrimshaw artist, Robert Weiss, soften the walls with quiet beauty. Bonnie Sol’s bright and lively paintings depict local scenes, adding color and life to any area. Edward Sanchez creates stylish stained glass mobiles, which add movement to any space. Other artists of note: Deborah Beaver, Ricky Ryken, Amy Markham, Tuko Fujisaki, Esther Szegedy, Sara Soward, Chris Upp, Gerald Murai, Jerome Sasaki, Leslie Sears, and Elfie Wilkins, just to name a few. Glass, koa, stone and bronze sculptures by many talented artists are on display as well. A fine selection of artful jewelry including hand-collected seashell and beach glass adornments are also offered. Great small gift ideas can be found in the large selection of cards, prints, and tiny original oil paintings.

Gifting local art and crafts is a socially conscientious gift. Unique and inspiring, art and craft pieces have no expiration date, they won’t wear out, have no replacement parts, and do not become passé, making Art the ‘greenest’ gift to give. The added bonus of meeting the individual who actually created the piece you select enhances the entire Art experience. Commissions are available through some of the artists, and a lay-away plan is available. We also ship worldwide. Open seven days a week, Tuesday through Saturday until 8 p.m. Please stop in to find out more about our Arty monthly events and get on our mailing list. One Gallery 128 Kilauea Ave, just mauka of Hilo Farmer’s Market.