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Flashback Festival celebrates the past and looks toward the future

<p>Greg and Stephanie Douvris</p>

Greg and Stephanie Douvris

<p>Mali Nali</p>

Mali Nali

<p>Terrapin Station</p>

Terrapin Station

The Hiccup Circus
The Hiccup Circus
<p>Love Machine</p>

Love Machine

Peace, free love, bell-bottoms, and psychedelic rock — these are just some of the iconic images of the 1960s. Once regarded as an unscrupulous counterculture, the 1960s are no longer perceived as the herald of cultural calamity. Today, it’s a reason to celebrate. On Saturday, December 1, Third Stone Productions will unveil the first annual “Flashback Freedom Festival” from noon to late night at Uncle’s Awa Club in Kalapana — where the ‘Red Road’ ends. This event will feature live music, a world class circus, a light show, and fire spinners. Guest speakers will give presentations on environmental issues, sustainable living, alternative energy, healthy eating, and much more.

“The theme and vision for this wonderful event is a celebratory communal flashback, saluting the creativity and vision of the spirit of the 1960’s era,” says Tony Baugh, one of the Festival’s organizers. “We hope to simultaneously point the way out of history into a sustainable future with a fresh and hopeful perspective,” Baugh continues. “The word ‘unity’ is at the core of the word ‘community’ as we all share the same air and walk the same land. The Flashback Freedom Festival is the perfect way to remember this connection. The many activities for the children at the festival also energizes our vision for the future rather than blind us with the mistakes of the past.”

A common motto in the sixties was to “turn on, tune in, and drop out.” This was less of a call to party and more of an invitation to experience community and unity on a deeper, more intimate level. One of the goals of the Flashback Freedom Festival is to appreciate and celebrate a lifestyle that is founded on more humane and authentic principals.

Ideas and values from the sixties are incorporated into our contemporary lives, and because of those influences, profound changes can be seen today in the way we view our place in the world. December 1 will be an opportunity to experience a bit of time-warp nostalgia and enjoy the progress we’ve made in last half century. Through music, lights, games, and community, Flashback Freedom Festival will offer a day full of celebratory family fun.

Those speaking at the festival include Senator Russell Ruderman, Bob Petrucci, Gregor Iligan, festival organizers and MC’s George Douvris, Tony Baugh, Kristin Johnson and many others.

There will be no shortage of ocean breezes or live music with the sounds of Hawaiian, World, Reggae, Psychedelic Rock, and more. Music will include Uncle’s own Kalapana Awa Band, Terrapin Station, Love Machine, Mali Nali, Indian Classical Dance and acoustic singer songwriter Tina Garber. Last but not least, splashing the event with technicolor brilliance, is the Big Island’s very own Hiccup Circus, who have been dazzling audiences with their skills and antics since 1984. All this for a suggested donation of only $5 (free for children).

As John Lennon once said, “The sixties showed us the possibilities and the responsibilities that we all had. It wasn’t the answer. It just gave us a glimpse of the possibility.”